Flower Candles

Flower Candles

Frequently Asked Questions

We have tested our candles to make them the very best burning candles. The flowers glow when lit. 



What happens to the flower as the candle burns down?

For most candles there is a shell left over so the flower never touches the flame but for the thinner candles we recommend taking the pieces of the flowers off where the candle has burned away. Never leave your candle burning unattended. All open flames are a hazard. 

How long does the flowers last?

The flowers last forever but their color will diminish over time. Made with real flowers, there vivid colors will fade within a year. We realize people find them beautiful and want to not burn them. But we recommend that you enjoy the flowers for a while and then when you have some time or company light them to create a wonderful ambiance in your home. 

These candles are too pretty to burn. They must not be made to light. 

We hear this sometimes but it is so untrue. They are made to be burned. The flowers are placed on the candle to be illuminated from the inside out. We use a translucent wax so that the light is guided through the candle and lights up the floral decoration. We use very high quality wax mixed with bees wax so that it burns evenly and for a long time. There is no dripping. We recommend dousing your wick in the molten wax to put it out so that there is no smoke after extinguishing. Stand your wick back up to have it be ready to light again. 

What are they made of?

We use cotton wicks, bees wax, high grade paraffin, and lavender essential oil. 

We are locally sourced.

Using our local bee keeper and lavender from Oregon farms, we try to get our ingredients from a 200 mile range. Our wax was made in San Fransisco but has moved to Canada. We really like the wax we use. It burns so nice and evenly that we still use that wax even though it is no longer local. If you try our candles, you will see that all wax is not the same. Most candles are made with really cheep wax and it makes a mess all over your table. Once you try one of our candles you will appreciate the long burning quality.