Flower Candles

Flower Candles

Inspiration illuminated like wildflowers in the radiant sun. Day returns to night, the glow penetrates. Elegance insinuates that romance and ritual remain.
— Amber Simmons

The Homestead

Our days all start in the garden. We grow many of the flowers in our organic gardens or we gather them from the mountains that surround us. The flowers are then preserved through pressing them. Once they have cured, they are applied to the outside of the candles that are poured by hand, in our shop. The flowers then glow when the candle is lit. We hope you enjoy our line of artisan candles.

Style & Quality

Each candle is as an unique as the flowers that are pressed upon it. We use a design method that makes the candle look like a miniature garden. Each one is a prayer for humanity to remember the beauty of the natural world.

100% Handmade

Our business was born in the mountains of Humboldt County, CA from a need to provide light for our friends and neighbors that had no access to electricity. They needed maximum light and efficiency in their candles. We made a blend with a high quality paraffin and bees wax. It works great with long burning and maximum light. All of our candles are scented with the highest quality pure French pressed Lavender oil. They make it smell as if you have real flowers in the room.  Once you burn one of our candles you will see the difference.