Flower Candles

Flower Candles

Inspiration illuminated like wildflowers in the radiant sun. Day returns to night, the glow penetrates. Elegance insinuates that romance and ritual remain.
— Amber Simmons

The Homestead

It all starts in the garden. I grow many of the flowers in my organic garden, along with my vegetables. I press the flowers in large flower presses and then apply them on the outside of the candle. I seal them on with a light coating of wax. The flowers glow when the candle is lit. I hope you enjoy our line of artisan candles.

Style & Quality

Each candle is completely unique. Every year I have new flowers hence I make new designs. I use a design method that makes the candle look like a miniature garden. Each one is a prayer for humanity to remember the beauty of the natural world.

100% Handmade

My husband and I started making candle for people out in the woods who had no electricity. They needed maximum light and efficiency in their candles. I made a blend with a high quality paraffin and bees wax. It works great with long burning and maximum light. They are all scented with lavender oil. I make the scent light as if you had real flowers in the room.  Once you burn one of our candles you will see the difference.